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The China Wave
Rise of a Civilizational State
by Weiwei Zhang ÕÅάΪ (Fudan University, China, Chunqiu Institute, China & Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Switzerland)

Table of Contents (38k)
Introduction (28k)
Chapter 1: Not Misreading Oneself (20k)
Chapter 2: China's 1+1 > 2 (124k)

About Weiwei Zhang

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This is a best-seller in China and a geopolitical book for our times. As a leading thinker from China, Zhang Weiwei provides an original, comprehensive and engrossing study on the rise of China and its effective yet controversial model of development, and the book has become a centerpiece of an unfolding debate within China on the nature and future of the world's most populous nation and its possible global impact. China's rise, according to Zhang, is not the rise of an ordinary country, but the rise of a different type of country, a country sui generis, a civilizational state, a new model of development and a new political discourse which indeed questions many of the Western assumptions about democracy, good governance and human rights. The book is as analytical as it is provocative, and should be required reading for everyone concerned with the rise of China and its global implications.


  • Not Misreading Oneself:
    • A Fast-Changing World
    • The Unusual Ascent
    • Surpassing Japan
    • The GDP Paradox
    • To the Top
  • China's 1+1 > 2:
    • The ¡°Quasi-Developed Countries¡± within China
    • The Size of China's Middle Class
    • The ¡°Emerging Economies¡± within China
    • Why China's 1 + 1 > 2?
  • The Rise of a Civilizational State:
    • China's Rocky Path towards a Nation-State
    • The Rise of a Civilizational State
    • A New Perspective
    • Looking at China Afresh
  • The Rise of a Development Model:
    • Reflections after the Crises
    • The China Model May Win Out
    • Shaping the Chinese Standards
  • The Rise of a New Political Discourse:
    • Political Reform, the Chinese Way
    • Debating Human Rights
    • The Rise of a New Political Discourse
  • The End of the End of History:
    • The Western Model: from India to Eastern Europe
    • The Western Model: East Asia and Beyond
    • Debating with Fukuyama: The End of the End of History

Readership: Researchers, policy-makers, general readers interested in the rise of China, its model of development and its global impact.

"One of the most popular books on sale in China at the moment is on the rise of a civilizational state, by Zhang Weiwei. Mr Zhang argues that China is unique as ¡®the world's only amalgam of an ancient civilization and a huge modern state', and is ¡®increasingly returning to its own roots for inspiration, and producing its own norms and standards."

The Economist: Nothing New under Heaven

"Mr Xi [Jinping] is also said to have read The China Wave by Zhang Weiwei, a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai and the Geneva School of Public Diplomacy and International Relations. That book offers a vigorous summary of the 'China model' theory, which holds that China can successfully meld authoritarian government with a capitalist-style economy. (Section titles include 'The China Model May Win Out' and 'Political Reform, the Chinese Way'). It depicts China's rise as the rise of a civilization — something bigger than a nation."

Didi Kirsten Tatlow
The New York Times: The Risks of Taking China's Helm

"As China feels its own economic and political strength in the world, it is natural that its own intellectuals should want to explain China's progress theoretically, first to themselves, then to the world. Prof. Zhang's book has been well regarded within China, making a major contribution to the internal debate on China's future. By translating his book into English, Prof. Zhang adds to the world's understanding of China's development and what this means for the world. China's astonishing re-emergence on the global stage has thrown into confusion traditional western-dominated theories of modernization, in Prof. Zhang's own words, putting ¡®an end to the End of Civilization'."

George Yeo
Former Foreign Minister of Singapore

"The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State is the geopolitical book for our times. It frames the rise of China, which is the big story of the 21st Century, with a bold and novel theory that challenges conventional wisdom of national structure, democracy, and what constitutes good governance. At a time when American exceptionalism is on the wane, are we ready for Chinese exceptionalism on the rise? Zhang Weiwei, whose energetic vision resonates well among Chinese future leaders, makes a compelling case. His arguments and insights, as analytical and passionate as they are confrontational and controversial, should be required reading for everyone concerned about China. Ignore this book and you will not understand how China's leaders think."

Robert Lawrence Kuhn
Author, How China's Leaders Think

"The rise of China is the biggest story of our time and the best story-tellers of our time come from the West. This has led to a huge global paradox where the best story-tellers have failed to understand the biggest story of our time. This is why the world urgently needs good Chinese story-tellers to provide the Chinese perspective. Prof. Zhang has done the world a huge favor by coming out with this timely and interesting new perspective on the rise of China."

Kishore Mahbubani
Dean, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
Author, The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Power to the East
One of the "Top 100 Global Thinkers" in 2010 and 2011 by Foreign Policy Magazine

"Few scholars from the mainland are as urbane, connected and savvy as Zhang Weiwei ¡­ The book's central idea is that China is different from other nation states. There is some merit to this. Unlike the politically diffuse civilisations of Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, China has managed to establish political unity over most of its territory."

South China Morning Post
208pp    Pub. date: Mar 2012

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