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Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine

Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine is an international journal that aims to give access to better communication and further integration among traditional medicines in China and abroad so as to promote the development of traditional medicines worldwide. Investigations into traditional medicines with the theories and techniques of modern medicines will enhance the integration between them, thus contributing to the advancement of medicine.

cover New Journal!
China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies

China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies (CQISS), the flagship journal of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) (https://en.siis.org.cn/), focuses on, though is not confined to, strategic issues related to China's role in global affairs, highlighting the Chinese perspective on strategic issues with policy concerns. An international editorial board and the double-blind review process ensure the incisive and impartial analysis of its papers.

Forthcoming Titles:
The Technical History of China's Grand Canal
by Yunpeng Li (Ministry of Water Resources, China), Xuming Tan, Jun Deng, Jinhong Wan & Jiangang Liu (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China)

Based on the past 30-years' research on the technical and cultural values of China's Grand Canal, this book, based on interdisciplinary research, studies the natural and social background of the evolution and development of different sections of the Grand Canal in different historical periods, as well as the interrelations between the Grand Canal and the Chinese politics, economics, and culture. It also assesses the effects of the Grand Canal on the progress of the Chinese civilization, engineering technology achievement, the natural environment, and the society, providing the readers with an understanding of China's Grand Canal from the perspectives of hydraulic engineering and history. » more

cover World Century Mathematical Olympiad Series: Volume 2
Algebraic Inequalities
by Ji Chen (Ningbo University, China) & Chaocheng Ji (Ningbo High School, China)

The focus of this book is algebraic inequalities. Not only is it the current Mathematical Olympiad hot topic, it is also the basis of geometric inequalities. In addition, the book involves some analysis on inequality.

This book serves as a good reference in the field of algebraic inequalities as faced in problems found in a Mathematical Olympiad. » more

Newly Published:
cover East Asian Studies in the Perspective of Regional Integration
Edited by Xinbo Wu (Shanghai International Studies University, China)

East Asia is now experiencing significant economic growth and social change. Integration of East Asia seems an irresistible trend, as East Asian countries are closely interdependent with each other and share many common interests in economic development. This book analyzes the cooperation and challenges of East Asian countries in the process of integration. » more

cover Anecdotes of Traditional Chinese Medicine
by Lifang Qu (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China) & edited by Mary Garvey (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

Each story begins with the Chinese characters, accompanied by the pin yin with tones to guide Western students with their Chinese pronunciation. Then the English version of the story follows with a glossary to assist Chinese students with their English pronunciation. » more

cover China Foreign Affairs Review: Volume 2
Future in Retrospect
China's Diplomatic History Revisited
edited by Yaqing Qin & Zhirui Chen (China Foreign Affairs University, China)

What were the new People's Republic China's policies to the Universal Postal Union in its early years? How did they help China promote its national interests in the world stage? Why did China train Albanian interns in the Cold War? Was it out of "communist fraternity" or was it part of China's concerted public diplomacy efforts? And what role has China's medical assistance to developing countries, especially those in Africa, played in its foreign affairs? » more

cover China and the Group 20
The Interplay between a Rising Power and an Emerging Institution
edited by Catrina Schläger (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Germany), Dongxiao Chen (Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, China), Alexander Rosenplänter (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Germany) & Haibing Zhang (Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, China)

Since the great financial crisis in 2008, the Group 20 (G20) has played an increasingly important role in global economic governance as an emerging global macroeconomic coordination mechanism. China and the Group 20 provides experts' observations on the development of the G20, G20's influence on global economic governance and China's role in this emerging institution. The first part of the book analyses important policy issues facing the G20 and global economic governance including the G20's role in strengthening and promoting global macroeconomic coordination; reform of the international financial system; the stability and effectiveness of the international monetary system; the integration of international trade and investment regimes; the new agenda of international development and the complex relations among the major powers. The second part focuses on China's relations with the United States, the EU, and the other BRICS countries, and their implications to the G20's development. » more

World Century Mathematical Olympiad Series: Volume 1
cover Trigonometric Functions and Complex Numbers
by Desheng Yang (Shanghai Xiangming High School, China) & translated by Chunhui Shen (Shanghai Xiangming High School, China)

Trigonometric Functions and Complex Numbers covers the followings areas in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and other mathematical competitions.

  • Trigonometric identity, graphs and properties of trigonometric equations, inverse trigonometric functions and trigonometric equations, solutions of triangles, trigonometric substitution and trigonometric inequality;
  • The concept and operation of complex number, trigonometric form of a complex number, complex number and equation.
» more

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