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Journal of Emergency Management and Disaster Communications

The Journal of Emergency Management and Disaster Communications (JEMDC) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal for researchers, policymakers and practitioners from various disciplines. The journal addresses issues of disaster medicine and education, disaster reporting, communication and dissemination, disaster risk analysis and prevention, rescue, and other aspects of research.

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Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine

Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine is an international journal that aims to give access to better communication and further integration among traditional medicines in China and abroad so as to promote the development of traditional medicines worldwide. Investigations into traditional medicines with the theories and techniques of modern medicines will enhance the integration between them, thus contributing to the advancement of medicine.

China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies

China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies (CQISS), the flagship journal of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) (https://en.siis.org.cn/), focuses on, though is not confined to, strategic issues related to China's role in global affairs, highlighting the Chinese perspective on strategic issues with policy concerns. An international editorial board and the double-blind review process ensure the incisive and impartial analysis of its papers.

Forthcoming Titles:
Medical Communication
From Theoretical Model to Practical Exploration

by Tao Wang (Shanghai East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, China), Zhongqing Xu (Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China) and Yi Mou (School of Media and Communication, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

People in general are concerned about the health of themselves and their families, but they lack reliable access to health knowledge. In order to ensure that people get accurate medical knowledge, dissemination of such knowledge by medical professionals is advocated. This is the basis of medical communication. This book covers the theoretical model of medical communication, explains the differences from medical science popularization and health communication, and from the perspective of medical practice, provides many examples to illustrate the practical application and significance of medical communication. It is hoped that this book will attract more people to join the team of medical communicators, pass the correct medical knowledge to the public, and ultimately the incidence and mortality of diseases can be reduced and the health level of people improved. » more

Prevention and Control of COVID-19
by Zhongjing Zhang (Eastern Han Dynasty, China)
editor-in-chief Wenhong Zhang (Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, China)

The emergence and rapid increase in cases of COVID-19, a respiratory illness caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), has posed complex challenges to global public health, and also to research and medical communities.

Professor Wenhong Zhang, head of Shanghai COVID-19 Medical Treatment Expert Team edits this timely guide for effective prevention and control of COVID-19. This book aims to propose preventive and control measures against the infection of COVID-19. It offers comprehensive guidance on prevention and control of COVID-19 in different places ranging from homes, outdoors, workplaces, etc., as well as on scenario-based strategies, frequent queries, and addresses doubts and myths that might be prevalent among the public. The book serves as a comprehensive, practical, concise and scientific guide on prevention and control of COVID-19. » more

Translation and Annotation of Jin Gui Yao Lue Ҫ
by Zhongjing Zhang (Eastern Han Dynasty, China)
edited by Aiyun Liu (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China)
translated by Chouping Han (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China)

This is a full-text English translation of Jin Gui Yao Lue, a classic book of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the oldest clinical book dedicated to internal, external, gynecological and obstetrical diseases. It is also the first medical book on differential diagnosis of diseases and symptoms, along with treatment and prescriptions. » more

cover World Century Mathematical Olympiad Series: Volume 2
Algebraic Inequalities
In Mathematical Olympiad and Competitions
by Ji Chen (Ningbo University, China) & Chaocheng Ji (Ningbo High School, China)
translated by Chaocheng Ji (Ningbo High School, China), Huyue Shen (Zhenhai High School, China) and Ruhe Wang (Zhenhai High School, China)

The focus of this book is algebraic inequalities. Not only is it the current Mathematical Olympiad hot topic, it is also the basis of geometric inequalities. In addition, the book involves some analysis on inequality.

This book serves as a good reference in the field of algebraic inequalities as faced in problems found in a Mathematical Olympiad. » more

Newly Published:
The Technical History of China's Grand Canal
by Yunpeng Li (Ministry of Water Resources, China), Xuming Tan, Jun Deng, Jinhong Wan & Jiangang Liu (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China)

Based on the past 30-years' research on the technical and cultural values of China's Grand Canal, this book, based on interdisciplinary research, studies the natural and social background of the evolution and development of different sections of the Grand Canal in different historical periods, as well as the interrelations between the Grand Canal and the Chinese politics, economics, and culture. It also assesses the effects of the Grand Canal on the progress of the Chinese civilization, engineering technology achievement, the natural environment, and the society, providing the readers with an understanding of China's Grand Canal from the perspectives of hydraulic engineering and history. » more

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